. To see the farming community equipped with the latest farming technology.. To become a one stop shop meeting all the needs of a farmer. . To see Agrovet Market Limited be the trusted name in the farming community in Zambia.


OUR MISSION To satisfy and fulfill all the needs of farming communities by marketing and distributing high quality agro inputs, Vvterinary products at an affordable price.

"At Agrovet, every person is a member of the team and a team player, with the expectation and need that they perform their duties to their fullest capacities and potential. Our objective and commitment is to provide the highest quality and affordable agriculture solutions that satisfy our clients. "


A few of the many activities undertaken by AGROVET MARKET LTD sfaff in the differnt parts of the country.


Senior Agronomist Richard Musokwa introducting our products to Mshambo Agrovet in Kapiri, Zambia.

Cropstar Herbicide demo

Results of Cropstar Herbicide efficiency in a maize field.

Profarm seed trails

A sample of matured Profarm seed produce

Profarm demo plot

Inspection of Profarm demo plot produce in Lusaka's Ibex Hill.